Few DJs possess the versatility of Arizona’s Chris Villa. His technical prowess, in-depth music knowledge, and ability to smash clubs has earned him a reputation as one of the most entertaining DJs in the country. Within minutes of hearing Chris spin, it becomes obvious that he’s a master of his craft.

As a kid, Chris enjoyed two things; rooting for the Phoenix Suns, and jamming to the radio. At the age of 13, Chris was invited to mix on Phoenix’s Power 98.3. With the support of his parents, he was called out from school and brought to the radio station to mix live. Fast forward to today, Chris holds down a primetime slot on the same station. Chris also became the first official DJ for his Phoenix Suns, mixing and scratching on the jumbotron at every home game of the NBA franchise.

The chances of you grooving to some of his personal edits and remixes is highly likely. Appearing in the set lists of heavyweights like DJ Vice, and dance music icon Tommy Sunshine, it’s safe to say Chris’s touch can be found in clubs and radios everywhere.

Born with a true gift, there’s not a crowd, style, or genre that’s off limits. With ease, Chris delivers above and beyond, and continues to prove why he’s the real deal.